1. General terms and conditions

  • General sales conditions of Niro steel d.o.o. Jesenice regulate the legal relations between the company Niro steel d.o.o., Cesta železarjev 8d, Jesenice (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and the buyer of products from the Seller’s sales program.
  • General sales conditions apply to all relations established between the seller and the buyer, unless explicitly (in writing) agreed otherwise.
  • At the time of placing the order, and at the latest upon receipt of the goods, the buyer accepts and acknowledges the general sales conditions of Niro steel d.o.o.


2. Offers, orders

  • All offers without a corresponding written order from the buyer are non-binding for the seller. An order is considered complete when it contains all the information necessary for the production of the goods.
  • The sketches, technical drawings and other appendices or documents attached to the offer are binding only if explicitly specified in the order and provided to the seller. If any of the information is missing, the parties are deemed to have agreed on the standard characteristics of the seller’s goods.


3. Price policy

  • All prices are net prices in euros and do not include VAT.                                                                        
  • For individual sales transaction, the prices stated in the order confirmation shall apply. Eventual discounts are agreed in writing upon order.
  • Seller’s prices are, unless agreed otherwise, confirmed on EXW Jesenice parity (the latest edition of INCOTERMS shall apply).
  • In case of buyer’s order cancellation, the buyer is obliged to reimburse the seller for all costs incurred with respective order until the day of cancellation.



4. Prices and payment terms

  • Payment deadline is considered a day when the entire amount of the invoice is to be transferred to the seller’s bank account by the buyer. Payment shall fall due on the date, indicated on issued invoice.
  • For late payment, the seller reserves the right to charge statutory default interest, from the date of delay until payment, and all costs incurred in connection with the recovery of payment. Payment is considered to be executed when the money is on seller’s account.
  • Payment terms for foreign buyers are indicated in offers and respective order confirmations.
  • For new customers, 100% advance payment is required (according to issued proforma invoice) for the first order.
  • If buyer’s solvency deteriorates significantly or in case where sufficient payment security cannot be provided by the buyer, all existing receivables are due immediately, unless the buyer provides adequate security at the seller’s request.


5. Delivery of goods

  • Delivery time is indicated in the order confirmation
  • In case of force majeure, standstills in production, machine breakdowns or other extraordinary events, the seller reserves the right to extend the delivery times for the period equal of the extraordinary event duration.
  • The seller reserves the right to a partial delivery of goods.


6. Reservation of title

  • The delivered goods shall remain the property of the seller until entirely paid.


7. Warranty for defects

  • The buyer is obliged to report obvious defects of the goods in writing immediately upon receipt, and hidden defects no later than 8 days from the day they were discovered, otherwise he loses warranty rights.
  • The seller does not guarantee for the defects of the goods if they were used for purposes unknown to the seller at the time of the buyer’s order. In the event of a justified complaint, the buyer has the right to request a price reduction, repair of the goods or a replacement delivery of the goods.


8. Liability

  • The Seller warrants that the delivered goods shall be free from defects and in accordance with the specification on the order and the order confirmation. In case of non-compliance from agreed quantity and quality, the seller undertakes to replace or. repair the defective goods. The seller shall not be liable for damages due to the buyer’s production loss, loss of profit, loss of business interest. In any case, the liability is limited to the amount of the claimed goods.


9. Protection of confidential and other information

  • The seller and the buyer agree that all information arising from the contractual documentation and other information arising from the contractual relationship will be kept as confidential for at least five (or by agreement) years after the expiration or termination of the contractual relationship.
  • Neither party may disclose the data referred to in the preceding paragraph or use them for any purpose not directly related to the exercise of the rights and obligations under the contract without the prior written consent of the other party.
  • Drawings, sketches, diagrams, calculations, instructions, lists, letters, notes, contract documents and other data in materialized or non-materialized form shall be considered confidential.


10. Legal jurisdiction

  • By purchasing from the seller, the buyer declares that he is fully acquainted with these general terms and conditions and accepts all the provisions of these general sales conditions.
  • All disputes shall be dealt with in accordance with Slovenian substantive law. The District Court in Kranj has jurisdiction.


11. Validity of the general sales conditions

  • These general sales conditions apply to all relationships, unless previously agreed otherwise.
  • The Seller reserves the right to change the provisions of these General sales conditions.


These General sales conditions are published on the website and are valid from 10.5.2021.

Jesenice, May 2021                                                                            
Ksenja Brelih Klincov